You want to be remembered.

Leaving a Legacy Everyday feels like a gift to be cherished.  You feel so fortunate for the life you have led. How can you share what you’ve learned through a lifetime of challenges and accomplishments?

Guidance for the journey You don’t have to go it alone.  Through personalized coaching, I can help you identify what your lasting contribution to the world will be.


  • Provides a sounding board for your thoughts and feelings
  • Offers tools to recognize the value of your life’s achievements
  • Gives a planned approach to set and reach your goals
  • Makes you accountable to yourself for taking action on your goals

You’ll get coaching customized to your needs. Together we create a program just for you.

Coaching is available face to face or by phone. Ready to get started?

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A client story:

Joan retired several years ago after a long-term career in policy development in the civil service. At first, she was relieved not to have to go to work every day and fit into a set schedule. She travelled, spent time with her grandchildren, and enjoyed leisure time with her friends. But she became restless when she realized that after years of making a recognizable contribution to her community, she didn’t have a place to use her talents. She wanted to keep learning and growing. We worked together to explore what she had enjoyed during her working life and how she might share that knowledge with others. We also looked at the kinds of environments she might feel comfortable in. Joan was able to target a number of non-profit organizations to offer her skills in planning and facilitation. She was on the path to a satisfying new chapter in her life.