You want to change careers…but you’ve got responsibilities.

Directing Your Dreams Work has become a big bore. You have some ideas about the work you’d really like to do, but you’ve got financial and/or family responsibilities. How can you change your career path and keep your life in balance?

Road assistance I can help. Personalized coaching provides a safe and supportive place to voice your dreams and test out your ideas.


  • Provides a sounding board for your thoughts and feelings
  • Gives you tools and resources to help you make decisions
  • Helps you create a planned approach to set and reach your goals
  • Makes you accountable to yourself for taking action on your goals

I provide:

  • job search strategies
  • access to print and web resources
  • help with your resume
  • interview preparation

You’ll get coaching customized to your needs. Together we create a program just for you.

Coaching is available face to face or by phone. Ready to get started?

Contact Lee Weisser, MEd, ACC, A Coach for All Seasons for a complimentary assessment.

E-mail, or call (416) 691-7123 or take a brief online assessment.

I recently had thoughts about a career change and Lee helped me determine what was important to me and determine my strengths.  She helped me organize my goals and put plan to action.  She also helped me create a professional resume which stood out and generated interest from many potential employers and positive feedback from friends and colleagues.  It was a pleasure working with her and I would recommend her for anyone who needs help while in a career transition. – Nick H.

A client story:

Michael had an interesting job, but was restless to do something more creative. In the past he had created a non-profit organization from the ground up and found that very satisfying. But now he had a partner, a young daughter and a mortgage to consider. He struggled to discover how he could express his creative side and still provide an income. As together we looked at his values and how they were finding expression in his life, Michael realized that he could find an outlet for his creative writing outside of his job that would be extremely satisfying for the next number of years. In time, his writing might be a source of income, but for now, he was happy to find a work/life balance that allowed him to write every day.