Are you doing the work you were meant to do?
If not, I can help.


Lee Weisser - Career CoachCareer Coach Lee Weisser, MEd, ACC

My name is Lee Weisser and I am a professional certified coach. I help my clients discover and fulfill their dreams so they will love going to work every day.

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“What I most appreciated about Lee and her skills as my coach was her patience, her empathy, and being easy-going. A great sign of rapport and comfort was that we laughed together.” – Cynthia Chan


“When I was struggling to launch a new career that would take me into the international community, Lee was there to help me point my compass due North. Lee gently guided me through my fears and anxieties about making such a major change in my life and my career; encouraged me to be deeply reflective about my values and how I live my values; and challenged me with questions that were pivotal to my transition.  Each week, she encouraged me to stay true to my career dream and offered a multitude of resources to help me chart a pathway for reaching my dream.  I could not have done this without such a supportive coach who inspired me to reach for my future.” – Carol R.

I work with people at every stage of their work life:

SPRING – You’ve  graduated…now what? There are so many choices, it’s making you dizzy. I can help you get clear on what you want as you start your career.

SUMMER – You want to change careers…but how? You’re frustrated at work but you’ve got a mortgage and kids to consider. I can help you create a transition plan to a new job or career.

FALL – You want to renew your passion for life and work. You’re bored with your job but it feels like you can’t do anything else. I can help you chart a new path for the rest of your working life.

WINTER – You want to leave a legacy. You’re officially ‘retired’ but you have a burning need to make the world a better place. I can help you determine the activities that are right for you.

BUILD A SUCCESSFUL CAREER ON YOUR OWN TERMS– You are a creative person working in the arts or business. I can help you smooth out the roller coaster of ‘feast or famine’ by using all your strengths and talents to generate revenue.

Why Work With a Coach?

Dare to dream. Coaching encourages you to embrace the big picture of the life you want without fear of failure.

Find focus and direction. Coaching helps you concentrate your thoughts and energy around what really matters to you.

Reach your goals. Coaching gives you tools to achieve what you want, in the way that you want.

You are unique, and so are your coaching needs. Let’s create a coaching program just for you. With A Coach for All Seasons, you get flexible scheduling and a personalized coaching program, not a cookie-cutter career program.

“Working with Lee keeps me accountable and focused and it gets me back on track when events or my own procrastination derail me. It is easier to make plans when I get feedback from someone I trust. It is also easier to change plans in mid-stride when I notice something that is not working. I can always rely on Lee to put things into perspective and provide context for the decisions I have to make.” – Donna M.

Why choose me?

My passion is helping other people discover their life’s passion. I’ve experienced many transitions in my own career journey, reinventing myself many times – both by choice and by necessity. I have felt both the fear and excitement of trying something new. I can help you discover the work you are meant to do.

I’ve completed Fielding Graduate University’s Evidence Based Coaching Certificate, and have attained the designation of Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation. I’m also a communications consultant with 20 years experience in the workplace learning and human development sectors, helping to make complex information understandable. Learn more about me.

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