You want to renew your passion for life and work.

Plotting Your Purpose You want to do more than drift towards retirement. What happened to the zest and drive you used to feel?  Is there a way to feel great about work again? Maybe you want to change the kind of work that you do.

Road assistance I can help. Personalized coaching helps you see yourself in new ways and integrate who you once were with who you are today.


  • Provides a sounding board for your thoughts and feelings
  • Offers personal branding tools and resources
  • Helps you create a planned approach to set and reach your goals
  • Makes you accountable to yourself for taking action on your goals

I provide:

  • job search strategies
  • access to print and web resources
  • help with your resume
  • interview preparation

You’ll get coaching customized to your needs. Together we create a program just for you.

Coaching is available face to face or by phone. Ready to get started?

Contact Lee Weisser, MEd, ACC, A Coach for All Seasons for a complimentary assessment.

E-mail lee@acoachforallseasons.com , or call (416) 691-7123 or take a brief online assessment.


Explore Work That Matters in the Second Half of Life at www.encore.org.

“I was feeling dissatisfied with my work and wanted to explore what other types of work might bring me more personal fulfillment. Lee helped me explore how I could transition from full time employment to part-time or a more flexible work schedule in the future. After exploring my values and understanding more about what makes me the way I am, I feel that I’m in a stronger position to define what I’m looking for and to go find it.”-  Catherine T.

“I met Lee in the course of my work and I have always liked her down-to-earth no-nonsense attitude that adds such a spice to her professional skills and knowledge. After getting my Ph.D., I had been unable to find a permanent position. The more time passed, the more I worried about my job search strategy and tactics and, at the same time, the less motivated I became. I would see an opportunity, but not follow up; I would come up with ideas but fail to see any practical applications. I needed advice, feedback, a sounding board and a healthy dose of prodding. Lee admirably fills each of those roles.

The major change is that now I have a direction to follow. Working with Lee keeps me accountable and focused and it gets me back on track when events or my own procrastination derail me. It is easier to make plans when I get feedback from someone I trust. It is also easier to change plans in mid-stride when I notice something that is not working. I can always rely on Lee to put things into perspective and provide context for the decisions I have to make.” – Donna M.

A Client Story:

Rick had been a key contributor of technical expertise in a number of companies. But he never felt fully recognized for his contributions, and he hated the office politics he saw everywhere that kept him from really enjoying his work. In an earlier phase of his life he had had his own business, so it was difficult for him to work for other people when they didn’t listen to his voice of experience. Facing a lay-off due to economic conditions beyond his control, he wanted to design a work life that would be more satisfying. Because he was known in his industry, he had several job offers.

In our work together, Rick created a list of criteria by which to evaluate these opportunities. The criteria were his alone, not what someone else said should be important. These criteria were based on his core values and his desire to demonstrate his expertise, including mentoring others. Rick was able to comfortably decline job offers that did not suit his current needs, and proactively search out a position in which he would feel valued.