Build a Successful Career on Your Own Terms

If you want to combine your creative passion with making a living, get ready to define your own success.




Not Just A Job

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Client Laura Quigley, Theatre Artist:

“In four sessions, Lee helped me to articulate what I want my artistic career to look like: I went from floundering and feeling uncertain to taking real steps toward producing projects that I am excited about and committed to.  

No longer feeling stuck, I’ve realigned my whole life to work in a way that’s creative, productive, and inspiring.  I’ve done this by following through on commitments and tasks created in my sessions with Lee.  Her resources, and direct and honest coaching have been invaluable.”

From Surviving to Thriving

How do you define success? Do you prefer to make your own rules rather than follow the crowd?

If you are a creative individual, the traditional job market may not provide the type of work you crave or an environment that will support your creative talents.

The good news is that the world of work has changed. 80% of the jobs created in the US in 2010 were temporary. While this may be bad news for those seeking permanent full-time employment, if you want to build a career that includes following your creative passion, you now have more contract and project-based opportunities to combine with your artistic pursuits. That means even more ways you can both express yourself and make a living.

You Can Be Creative AND Successful

One of the joys of being an artist is the freedom to create and be independent. One of the drawbacks is that at times you never know where your next paycheque is coming from.

Discover strategies to get off the roller coaster of financial worry and emotional distress. Learn to act strategically to upcoming transitions instead of finding yourself caught in reaction mode.

Design, Build and Nurture Your Own Career

I offer several programs targeted to artists, musicians, writers and other creative folk who want and need to design their own careers.

Let’s celebrate your creative talent – and then identify other strengths that you have to help you build a career that works for you. Together we can create a unique career plan that matches your values, strengths and skills.


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